Dura Tech Advantages

For powerful rust protection

« With Dura Tech, I’m guaranteed to get effective, long-lasting anti rust products for my truck. Plus, from the windows in the waiting room, I can watch the technicians as they work and make sure that the application is done successfully. »

For an investment that pays

« I think Dura Tech rust protection is a great investment. With Dura Tech Supreme, I know my car will retain its value better. The treatment is done by anti rust specialists—not to mention it comes with the Dura Tech guarantee. »

For a flawless application

« When I go to Dura Tech for rust protection, I can be sure that they won’t miss a spot. Their antirust technicians are specialists whose quality of work is the best you can find. Dura Tech’s superior product provides a uniform application for my entire car. I no longer have to deal with greasy products that drip for days! »

For a brilliant-looking car

« Before going to Dura Tech, I was constantly afraid that my car would get scratched or dirtied. Thanks to their anti rust treatment, my car has never stayed so clean. »

For a product that’s good for the planet

« I go to Dura Tech for its green products. Not only do they really work, they’re also environmentally friendly and smell good. The application takes no time at all and the products are affordable. »