Dura Tech Supreme

Dura Tech Supreme is a superior product that contains high-quality anticorrosive additives and an agent that removes moisture from metal. It has been designed not to run. Clean and odour free, Dura Tech Supreme forms a film that remains humid and provides excellent anticorrosive protection against the salt and humidity that attack your vehicle.

Dura Tech Suprême Application

Applied under high pressure, Dura Tech penetrates all the joints and the narrowest of crevices. Dura Tech displaces water and moisture present in a vehicle and then bonds to the metal for unequalled protection. We are very meticulous during the application process, making sure we treat every section of your vehicle without exception for optimal results. We treat the hood, front fenders and braces, rear-end panels, the trunk area as well as the lid, doors and door posts, rocker panels, the entire underneath area, including the bumpers’ interiors, the top of the gas tank and chassis compartments. An annual Dura Tech treatment ensures that your vehicle will have a higher resale value.

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