Dura Tech, it’s hard to beat!

Our specialists provide quick, clean and odour-free anti rust treatments. We are proud to offer you the best antirust guarantee in the industry. With Dura Tech, you can be confident that you’ve made the best choice for a flawless-looking vehicle.

Dura Tech product applications

With its numerous high-quality products, Dura Tech’s application is simply without rival on the market.

Dura Tech Rustproofing Application


Before beginning, the vehicle is visually inspected. A protective carpet is installed on the vehicle’s floor. Holes are made using an exclusive drill that does not heat metal, thus avoiding the creation of rust-sensitive areas. These holes are made at specific points to reach important sections that are subject to rust build-up. Afterwards, the holes are closed using small plastic plugs. In case of snow, humidity is removed from critical areas of the vehicle by using a compressed air jet.

Underneath and inside of body

We use exclusive spray wands to reach all the important areas necessary to ensure a complete treatment of your vehicle. Thanks to these specialized pins, not one corner or crevice is overlooked. A Dura Tech sticker indicating the year of the treatment is affixed to the inside of the door.

Return of vehicle in impeccable condition

Before being returned to its owner, each vehicle is cleaned and inspected. We also give our recommendations and answer any questions the owner might have.