Dura Tech was developed following years of laboratory research and extensive testing on all types of new, used and even rusted vehicles. Driveways damaged from oil sprays are now a thing of the past. Dura Tech products are economical and clean. Capable of being applied year round, they are also environmentally friendly. Plus your vehicle is washed after being treated.

Dura Tech Bio

Dura Tech Bio - RustproofingDura Tech offers a complete oil treatment using very clean organic oil, specially created to prevent vehicles from rusting. This product provides the same effectiveness as our regular powerful anti rust products as well as being good for the planet.

Dura Tech Supreme

Dura Tech Supreme - RustproofingDura Tech Supreme is a superior product that contains high-quality anticorrosive additives and an agent that removes moisture from metal. It has been designed not to run. Clean and odour free, Dura Tech Supreme forms a film that remains humid and provides excellent anticorrosive protection against the salt and humidity that attack your vehicle.

Dura Tech Aerosol

duratech-aerosol-petitAlong with its several types of anti rust products, Dura Tech also offers its anti rust product in aerosol so you can extend your vehicle’s treatment as well as give your other equipment such as lawn mowers, motorcycles, weed whackers, etc., the same high-quality protection.

More than an antirust treatment

  • Electrical connections are protected
  • Door locks won’t freeze up in the cold
  • Nuts and bolts are lubricated
  • Creaking and other noises are eliminated
  • Hinges and cables work better
  • Door and window mechanisms are lubricated
  • In case of an accident, repaired surfaces are treated at no charge